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Got a Spare Room to Rent?

Gold Coast homeowners - rent your spare room to an international student

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The Room Xchange is Australia's first and only verified house-sharing platform.

Our matching process connects you with the right international student for your home, based on personality values and lifestyle.

You can also choose a rental model that suits your home.

The Room Xchange are working closely with the Gold Coast Education sector to help facilitate the matching process between

you and the students to ensure a

happy, house-sharing experience.

At The Room Xchange you can negotiate a house-share agreement that's based on what you want and what you both agree to.

Our unique approach to house-sharing

Trust & Verification

Integrated verification with Australia Post Digital iD

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Profile Matching

Use the platform for FREE or use our Premium Services

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Rent or Rent Offset

Collect rent or offset the rent for help around the house

The Room Xchange is an instant housing solution

The Room Xchange is technology driven and has been developed to de-risk the process as much as possible. Our 'Done for You' services add the human element that provides additional comfort to homeowners in their decision making process.

Although rental supply is at an all time low, there are over 13.5m unused spare bedrooms in 10m homes across Australia.

This is existing housing stock that can be accessed immediately to help solve the housing and rental crisis.

We know that inviting someone to share your home, or deciding to live in someone else's home is a deeply human and personal experience. As such, The Room Xchange service is built on the principle of ‘digital when you want it, people when you don’t’. We use our technology to match housemates with potential homeowners on the basis of personality, values and lifestyle. When necessary, we can also offer human support to maximise placements and satisfaction.

By beginning the process of unlocking empty bedrooms in residential households, we can provide comfortable and safe accommodation for international students. At the same time, we can help build a stronger community and continue to showcase The Gold Coast as an ideal destination for international students.

Mandatory Verification via Digital iD by Australia Post

This is not a 'nice to have' - it's mandatory and

The Room Xchange covers the cost.

This ensures that all users feel safe and secure knowing that everyone has been verified using a government form of iD.

We have integrated the Digital iD technology into our website. It takes about 30 seconds to be verified and once you are, a badge will show up on your profile.

This process removes potential problematic people as they will not want to be identified in this way.

DIY profile matching or our 'Done for You' services.

Homeowners don't usually see themselves as renters or house-sharers. Therefore, the process of connecting with the right housemate, asking the right questions, finding compatibility and working out your house-sharing agreement can feel a little daunting to some people.

If this sounds like you, we have a number of 'Done for You' services to choose from. Whether it's managing the entire process or just certain steps. It's up to you.

Quotation Mark

We used The Room Xchange's

'Done for You' Service to find our housemate Sherylanne. It was simple and the benefits over the last 18 months have been huge! It's a much easier process than trying to find occasional outside help. I had more time for myself and got to spend more quality time with my son.

We went through lockdown together and forged an extra strong bond. We'll miss her so much as she's moved overseas. She's left a big gap in our home!

Angela Webster - Household

Rent or Rent Offset - you choose

The option to rent or rent offset is unique to

The Room Xchange. The traditional way of renting has always been about renting a room for money.

But there's another way. We call it Rent Offset.

Rent offset gives the household the option to offset part or all of the rent by requesting help around the house.

This help is above what would normally be expected as a housemate. The help could be home organising, cooking or walking the dog.

Important steps to note:

  • Click any of the the orange 'Get Started' buttons on this page, fill out the form, click submit and then follow the instructions on the Thank-you page.

  • Please make sure that you enter your mobile and email correctly so we can support and guide you along the way.

  • The final step: once you have completed your profile on The Room Xchange, you can begin to search for students and start connecting.

What people are saying

Quotation Mark

I'm a busy professional, working long hours and always coming home to an empty apartment. It's great having someone here who I can enjoy meaningful conversations with at the end of the day. It's also good to make better use of my spare bedroom.


Real Estate Agent

Quotation Mark

The Room Xchange is a great way to use your spare room that is unoccupied for most of the year. My housemate, Li - an international student from China, helped me with my daughter so I can go back to work and get some personal space. House-sharing with Li has really changed my life.


Sports Broadcaster & Media Personality

Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark

The Room Xchange deals with the age old problem of finding the right housemates, but with the application of modern personality, values & lifestyle matching, as well as the option to receive rent for a room or offset the rent with

household help.

Its appeal is universal.


CEO - First National Real Estate

Multi-award winning company

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